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    Transportation and Construction Solutions


    We are proud to have invented the industries we lead: Kawneer created the first modern storefront more than a century ago, and Alcoa Wheels created the first forged aluminum truck wheel nearly 70 years ago. Today, both brands hold number one market positions. Millions of people around the world live and work in beautiful, secure, sustainable buildings that our technology—whether KawneerReynobond or Reynolux—makes possible. On roads and highways on six continents, Alcoa Wheels keep trucks, trailers and buses rolling, efficiently and with less maintenance.


    Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products

    We invented the first forged aluminum truck wheel in 1948—and by doing so, we created an entire industry. Seven decades later, we’re proud to be the global market leader in the forged, aluminum heavy-duty truck wheel market, holding the number one position. We’ve helped customers around the world to increase payload while saving fuel and reducing maintenance by switching out heavy steel wheels for lightweight aluminum.

    Visit AlcoaWheels.com


    Building and Construction Systems

    Arconic innovation has given rise to modern skylines from New York City to Shanghai. We are a leader in the North American building and construction architectural framing market with a strong position in Europe. From self-cleaning facades to blast proof and hurricane resistant entrances, we help bring visionary architectural ideas to life—for more modern, beautiful, secure and sustainable design.

    Visit Kawneer.com

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